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Upside Africa (UA) is an Organisation devoted to the growth and development of Africa and Africans, both on the continent and in the diaspora. The Organisation seeks to build a vibrant, committed and dynamic community, which promotes and enriches the vision and activities of Professionals and Entrepreneurs.

The Organisation seeks to inspire others by creating a platform for action driven dialogue and by sharing success stories relating scalable and high impact initiatives in different fields. As a Policy Influencer and provider of analyses and insights related to issues affecting Africans, they seek to create a more objective view of the realities and opportunities that exist for Africans. Through various events that stimulate the exchange of ideas and experiences within an international and interdisciplinary setting, they aim to build and maintain a strong and influential network of individuals and organisations.

We are dedicated to helping Africans both in the continent and the diaspora showcase the amazing strength, talents, intellect and beauty we have been blessed with. Our objective is to change the way most people see Africa and Africans. To help professionals amongst us attain their highest possible potentials and to encourage others to activate the entrepreneurial spirit which we are known for.
We wish to ensure that more opportunities are extended to African businesses, startups and professionals.
We aim to provide workshops, seminars, conferences, coaching sessions, mentoring, talent hunts to help equip them to be able to stand in the global marketplace.
We aspire to promote African talents, cultures and heritage.

In doing all this, we hope to enrich our world with the rich diversities of resources and talent that is the African identity and establish a more mutually benefitting co-existence. With the spirit of "Ubuntu" that recognizes coexistence, support, accountability in service and respect for one another. Encouraging creativity and inspiring Africans everywhere to reach for their highest potentials.
Recognizing and celebrating the achievements and strengths of every African in the land.


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